6 wheel drivebase

I am having problems with a new 6 wheeled drivetrain. My center wheels sit higher than the outer ones. I’ve tested this with all 4in omni wheels and the center wheels still sit slightly higher. I believe this is because I mounted the motor on the center wheel but can not think of any easy solutions. I know people have done this in the past so any help would great, thx.
20190509_104131 video.zip (9.9 MB)

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Are you sure it’s higher up? in the video I see the wheel move a bit telling me that the motor just isn’t rotating since there isn’t strong enough of a force acting on it.

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Try flipping the chassis upside down and testing it. If the center wheel still isn’t catching the ground then it must have been used/worn down more than the outer wheels.

Maybe check to see if the metal itself is bent.

Why do you need a 6 wheel drive? With 6 wheels all the wheel have to be exactly vertically aligned to contact the ground. Since in a 4 wheel drive base does need to align the wheels as precisely it is used in most cases.

In turning point for example 6 wheel drives where used but had the center wheel lifted up and used for driving up the platform.

One very hard solution to fix this would be to add suspension, but I wouldn’t really recommend it.

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the best solution imo is just not to use a 6 wheel drivetrain. they provide no benefits that a 4 wheels drive doesn’t this season, as there is nothing to climb.