6007 Worlds Reveal 2017

6007 is proud to present our 2017 worlds reveal, made in collaboration with @Infinity Minus 1. We are ahem theoretically ahem in the research division. Good luck to everyone!

omg how is it so fast? that is crazy

^the lift

Nice lighting. Makes it look like you are inside of one of Cody’s renders

On four motors? hhhmmmmmmmm

Wow. I’m impressed.

looks like turbo…lol, and whats with the dangling partial 4 bar under ur throwing arm, maybe it has magical powers? …

Impressive robot! What RPM motors (speed/turbo) is your lift running on?

I’m going to take my slow six motor 1:5 arm with strength gears and cry now. For real, does anyone have any thoughts as to how they could have made it so quick yet so powerful? (Outside of hacking the motors as I hope that is not the case)

They secretly removed the PTC’s :wink:
Lol jk xD

Really nice tuned PID, guys

more like they secretly removed all friction

And the laws of physics.

water proof motors

Perhaps a special pneumatic assist system for the lift? (connected to the magical floating four bar?) Either way , that’s one amazing robot.

Well I’ve sat here analyzing it in slow motion for a little while. A few key takeaways. First and most obviously, the dangly part is what holds the rubber bands on the bottom. Basically, the rubber bands pull that straight up and that assists the lift.

This lift is faster than mine for small loads, but slower for larger ones. Note that we have the same gear ratio, but they have only four motors (I have six). What causes this? I believe the key detail is that the force from the elastics is placed so close to the fulcrum. It has lower torque like this, but basically if you halve the length from fulcrum and double the force, you end up with the same torque (and it’s just as easy to push down) while it goes up faster when the sum of the torque is pushing the lift upward. This is a bit above my knowledge of physics, but I think that’s what’s going on here. Also, the pneumatic claw is a little bit lighter than our motorized one (which I am using as reference here), so that helps slightly. But when it barely has enough torque to lift larger loads, a lift like mine is a tad faster.

Great robot, hopefully we end up on your alliance in a match (or eliminations? We’ll see) and not against you. :slight_smile: I may consider some last-minute changes to my elastic assistance.

Nice robot! I like the robot.

Chassis is slow though, but besides that I really like it :smiley:

The lift is possible because of insanely low friction and very strong rubber bands. Also, grease in the motors (as well as on every single moving part) helps out a bit. The dangly bit acts just like a really light 4 bar, but it also allows us to tune the force exactly at any given location. You can see how this is done if you look closely on some of the big dumps (cause it moves slow enough to see with bad resolution). @Aponthis , you bring up an interesting point about less leverage meaning more speed, though we didn’t see too much of a difference when we tested other rubber band mounts earlier, other than weight, so I’m not sure. The lift is high speed 1:5 and the drive is turbo.

Looks like a world champion!

Wow. Maybe 4 motor arms could work ;).

Quick question:

Do rubber bands pull the magic 4 bar in two different directions? I think I see one set pulling it toward the arm’s tower and on set pulling it upward?