6007X Midseason Teaser

This is one of our autons. Not sure about a real reveal for a while, but maybe :wink: The video was blurred on purpose, so please don’t ask for high quality pictures. Some credit for the design goes to 8000 and 7700R and lots of credit goes to Rolling Robots for giving us a great place to work. Hope you guys like it!

wowwww im super impressed fam this is crazy lol

This robot looks fire! Of all the passive intake bots we’ve seen in the past, this seems to be the best one so far.

hmmm… looks familiar.


why would you teaser before even going to a competition

gg basura ri5d v2

Wow that auton is lit

Truly amazing robot man! I’m sure this will dominate tourneys!

Holy cow that cycling time doe

THAT WAS AUTO! That impressive by SD standards if you were in Driver Control. Just forget about that in Auto here.

Every time I think a certain robot can’t perform better… I get proved wrong.


You think we could get the motor specs? More specifically the drivetrian?

Unbelievable… One does not simply cycle that fast…

I did not want to say anything right away because I figured it was a joke, but I am curious about something. Did anyone else notice that his autonomous routine took 15 seconds once he reached the mogo? I am guessing that is not really the 15 second auton, but it was still impressive.

Actually it is, if you assume it began at 10 seconds into the video.

at 10 seconds into the video the robot is almost to the mogo, it’s at ~25 seconds that the autonomous ends.

The autonomous is in 15 seconds; it ran at our last competition.

The drive is not that fast, its 4 motor speed on 4 inch wheels.

I wonder if you could mechanically program the passive intake so you can drop it from above instead of having to set it on the mg every time…

All I care about is that I can’t figure out your intake