6007x released a promote video

6007x released a video of their bot that isn’t blurred. Every get frame by frames as fast as you can before it gets taken down:

Also some other people got 145. Here’s the video:

The passive intakes are blurred!!! On both robots!!!

They know

They don’t want any copycats

I can see them fine. They’re just plastic cones. Literally.

Well, the video shows that 6007X and Antichamber have the same motor configurations and gearing (as far as I can tell). At least, 6007X when they took the video.

wEll, sO, iT Is aCtuAlLy blURreD, aT lEasT thE pARt tHat nO oNe haS piCturEs oF.

this entire thread in a nutshell https://i.imgur.com/4N3K2Z4.png

The blue button should be water game

I have a tournament in the morning but I couldn’t resist…

I was bored.

Well I’m glad you shared these videos, I had been looking forward to seeing 6007 footage after their leeks a while ago, but never knew about this until you posted this

Hey guys found some good leeks…
if you guys find this white truck your life is complete

Hehe…funny thing is that sheet has been in my windshield for like two weeks and at multiple tournaments and it’s still there. Yea good luck finding my truck.