6047S Semicolon Post State Reveal


Here is our full reveal for turning point:

Hope you enjoy! Any feedback is appreciated.


Nice. Liking that double puncher. Neat how the trajectory on the bottom puncher hits the middle still from the platform. Can you do a double shot from the platform accurately?

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Unfortunately, only the bottom puncher can fire from the platform consistently. Other than that we can hit the flags from most parts of the field



Too bad. Still pretty legit though. Nice design.

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This is cool, Nice double shots. #punchergang

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Crossing puncher with 2BC? I like it!



The robot is really good!!! I like the concept you have, it looks like it has serious potential. If I have any critiques it will be that I think the driver needs to practice a bit more. He should be getting to the point where it feels natural and there’s no choppy movements, but other than that he seems consistent with his shots which is really good. The robot is well-built, major props to the builder for the amazing built quality. That’s going to be a scary robot to see at worlds.



Thanks a lot! We just finished our rebuild and the driver hasn’t had much practice yet. He’s working on becoming more fluid with the robot. Thanks for the input.



Really good puncher. Good luck at World’s/US Open!

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