6047S Teaser Trailer

Here’s our teams teaser trailer! Full length coming soon. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp7WIdM9SOw


Is that a puncher and a catapult?

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I think it is two punchers stacked on top of each other.

Yep! It’s two punchers on top of each other set for the different flags. Works like a charm.

Lovin’ the double puncher :heart_eyes:

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that’s pretty cool! I like the double puncher, It’s always nice to see unique designs.
do they use up more motors than one puncher + angle adjuster would?

Nope just two motors , same as a normal puncher set up, passive intake into the second puncher

not bad! what advantage does this give that something like a 2BC doesn’t give?

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It looks like they would have a faster single shot capability then a 2bc so i guess more versatility

I once saw a pair of double punchers at State. It was pretty cool, but the way it was used was limited to the way a 2BC functioned.

Then there’s also the motor allotment argument. You could chain them together, but then it’s just a more complicated 2BC. (Yes, with Cortex this is less of an issue.)

I do like how it can load 2 balls, and shoot them one at a time, which I guess gives it faster single shot power than a 2BC, but not by a whole lot. with a 2BC you could load one ball into the bottom carriage, then hold the second in your intake, and once you fire the first ball you can quickly pop another one it, but with this it already has both loaded. preety cool

So, it isn’t a 2BP, it’s 2 different punchers?

Correct, there are two separate punchers set for the different flags. Now a two ball puncher would be something impressive.

2 Ball Slip Gear Punch? :smile: