606X Robot Explanation Videos

Flywheel PTO


Drivetrain / PTO

These videos were created to inspire and teach teams about the mechanisms on our robot.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Big tracking wheels.

This is an amazing resources and I can’t wait to try implmenting some of the things I really like about this robot.

How low to the ground is the the polycarb ramp to get the discs to glide up it so gracefully. Any comments on getting such a steep angle of intake?


Yeah, we ordered 2.75” wheels, but they were delayed for 4 months

We have a gap of about 0.125”, though I would recommend getting the ramp to start lower. As low as possible would be nice.

We adjusted 2 things:

  1. Where the bottommost point of the flex wheels of the floating intake start

  2. Tension holding the intake down

Every intake is different, so keep playing around with those variables until the discs go up smoothly.


For your pneumatic intake explanation, do you know if vex pneumatic tubing is the only legal tubing we are allowed to use or can we use tubing from a hardware store.

Check out R7(i).

It might help with your answer. For future questions, try consulting the game manual first. If you can’t find anything prohibiting what you want to do, it’s legal.

The game manual is more helpful than you think! If you find it daunting, try searching in the appendix or using ctrl f to find what you’re looking for.


Thanks, I didnt see that rule

Thank you so much for putting out these videos, this really helped me and my team get an idea of what we are going to do. You have a really good robot and I wish you a great season.