60883A Mid-Season Reveal

This is our Robot so far!

4 motor V5 drive
1 motor V5 intake/cap flipper/lawnmower
1 motor V5 intake elevator
1 motor V5 puncher
1 motor V5 descorer

Turning Point Awards:
4 time Excellence
1 time Tournament Champion
4 time Skills Champion
2 time Tournament Finalist

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions feel free to let us know, thanks for watching!

Looks nice. I am curious though. Why the rubber flaps instead of rubber bands?

Thanks. That was my teammates idea, it requires less maintenance, has less entanglement and we’ve found it works just as well if not better for flipping caps and intaking balls. Also it looks cooler.

I like the idea with the treads and flaps I’ve seen plenty of teams get entangled with rubber band rollers. Good luck with the rest of your season and I look forward to competitions with you guys!

Really? I found just the opposite. But, as Zackjo knows, my intake is slightly different from a lot of the common functionality.

I really like the black/gray ambiance created by all of the antislip coupled with the flaps. Looks intimidating to set on the field, regardless of performance. (In that I don’t have to know how good you are to be intimidated.)

Great robot!! I love the unique intake. It gives the robot a look that I haven’t yet seen all season and was long missed from NBN.

I only had one question regarding the robot, why have a 1:7 100rpm descore? It looks far slower than what I have seen on other robots that run 1:5 100rpm along with some 393 robots that have 1:5 HS.

Thank you, it was a great finals match at firestone, we can’t wait to compete with you guys again!

Yes, we actually had a bit of a disagreement at first because I felt the same way you do, but my teammate went ahead with a prototype and totally proved me wrong. I’m looking forward to seeing your intake it sounds unique as well.
Also thanks we’re big fans as well, funnily enough most of the matting has a purpose too aside from looking cool/intimidating.

Thank you!

Great question! We originally went with a much faster descorer that did the job nicely. We were encountering some tipping problems, and as we were fixing up our base we thought about making the arm strong enough to bring us back up just in case as well. It also provides multifunctionality as it can help us fight for the platforms.

Interesting. I have no timetable on a reveal, but I can pm you an old prototype, if you like. My original design went a little like yours, but I quickly changed. Just didn’t work out with my intentions. The different intake will make you stand out, though.

Yeah I’d love to see it if you don’t mind. I must say I’m glad we have that somewhat unique design going for us, it’s always nice to stand out a bit.

By far one of the best punchers I’ve seen. Pretty incredible. Wondering what’s your skills high score?

In competition our driver high score is 25. Unofficially in practice our driver high score is 29.