60883A Worlds Reflection

Hi, as some of you may know I’m Hagan from team 60883A. This year we had our first states, and worlds appearances. As a senior team it was a wonderful and unexpected experience as we saw our hard work pay off.

Worlds truly is like no other event, with decorations, and the announcers. However in some ways it’s like any other vex competition. You make new friends, and of course some things don’t go your way.

We were in the Technology division in which we went 7-3-1. A big thanks to all our teammates and opponents for competitive matches. If we had a little better luck we might’ve pulled off a better record and made eliminations but I think my team and I can all live knowing we did our best in possibly our last ever VRC event.

I wanted to thank our coach as well for supporting us this season and reminding us to keep our spirits up whenever tough patches hit. I would also like to thank @Grant_Cox for taking the time to talk to me about a ruling that effected our team.

I also couldn’t be more proud of my friends from 2011C who won the excellence award at worlds!

Thanks to everyone who competed this year, and good luck to all for the new game! I look forward to volunteering in the VEX community in the coming years.


2011 is the best. Go Brecksville!

I’m going to hold you to volunteering in Ohio, Hagan. Be sure to come see me and check out what’s up.

I’ll be there!

I think STEM is planning to host our first event next year as well so I will at the least be there.

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