Watch it at .5 speed and it will be the real-life speed of this bot.


This robot could be much faster if the 4 bar was geared 1:1.


The roller is quite heavy so we went with 1:3 highspeed.


Nice bot. See you in opportunity! Good luck.




Cool robot! My team (3946R) is also in your division, Opportunity. See you there and Good Luck!


Carter that’s our destack speed. Our loader speed is more around 1 cone per 1.8-2.3 seconds. And it’s .8 cones per one second destack. Just wanted to confirm. We’re not that ridiculous.


Or maybe we are… Dun Dun Daaaaaaaaaaa


The driver load section of the video was the original speed of the clip we recorded. As you can see, the time varies per cone, but it is relatively quick.


nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh 0.6


It was 0.5


See you there as well


Great Robot! It looks like my team (8068G) will be alliancing with you in one of the matches. See you there and let’s have a great partnership.