6135C and 6135Z Worlds Reveals!

6135 Robotics qualified 4 teams for worlds!!!

6135C - Technology
6135Z - Math
6135E - Engineering
6135X - Arts

You can check out team 6135C’s reveal here:

-Specializes in cubes (3 cube intake)
-Scores 4 skyrise sections, and cubes all the way up to 6 sections
-8 point autonomous that is consistent on all tiles
-Robot is very fast at picking up and scoring cubes efficiently

  • When paired with a good skyrise scoring bot, can easily score 95+ pts

**You can check out 6135Z’s reveal here:


-Specializes in building the skyrise and putting cubes on it
-Builds all 7 sections
-Very reliable cube intake allows for fast consistent scoring
-When paired with a good cube scoring bot, can easily score 95+ pts

If you have questions or comments feel free to leave them!

See you at worlds!

PS: You may wonder why 6135B hasn’t attended any tournaments this year, that is because 6135B was a primarily high school senior team, where most of the members have now graduated. So team B has retired their letter. (:](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gq_kEmtB0RY)**