6142w Worlds Reveal

Here is our reveal for worlds. Feel free to ask questions! Link.

Have you seen?

It looks like a great bot! What’s the fire rate on the flywheel?

Why did you copy Robonaut’s reveal music from last season?

Are you guys a highschool team?

They’re middle school.

I still havent seen a middle school team with an automated slip gear shooter…

Wow you have changed a lot since I last saw it at state! Nice job

I thought the music was pretty good.


If we added a magazine feeder our robot would have been to tall.

Haha same.
We had to rebuild our entire robot to make it fit and to make it lighter.

Nice robot and video. It looks like 80% in the video, but what is the accuracy of your puncher?

When it is working, it can hit very close to 100% at times, I know because I have been beaten by it

I believe that the puncher’s accuracy is closer to 90%, as they are now using rubber links to stop the puncher, other than the nut on the linear slide that they had earlier. I believe that they changed this because the nut deformed after all those beatings, and the path of the balls slightly changed over time, but I find that using the rubber links is somewhat inconsistent.

Music is bound to be repeated at some point on reveals. I doubt they “copied” it, but rather, they probably just happened to use the same music.

We do (Yes we’re a middleschool team).
Here is a video of our puncher that we have, but it’s kind of outdated:

Our puncher was rebuilt and compact, and is facing the same direction as the flywheels. So this allows us to snipe very fast and accurately with both the flywheels and puncher shooting simultaneously.

Are you guys going to worlds?

I was just teasing you. Nice reveal btw.



No, because we had a very big problem during regionals because one of our plugs connected to the cortex got unplugged. So our flywheels didn’t work properly almost the whole qualification matches. Plus we accidentally overcharged the batteries so much that during a match, our power expander failed to work.
Imagine how unreliable we were seen by other teams too.