62019P California States Reveal


This is our robot for states, this was our first time driving it.

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You guys should get some auto stacking going so you guys can stack faster cuz ur current driver isnt cutting it


Still looks like a great robot. I’m sure after some practice you guys will get it down. Good luck at states!


Nice robot guys! Certainly has changed a lot since the Corona tourney on Feb 10 :stuck_out_tongue:


Good stacking for the first time driving it! What I recommend (out of personal experience) is just a little more cross-bracing. The right side looks a little higher than the left side almost at all times. As soon as we added cross-bracing to our lift, we noticed a change in lift efficiency.


My lift was pretty stable before we added cross bracing, and so we never even added bracing (weight reduction). One side of our lift is like .5 inches higher but it doesn’t impact stacking much. When you added bracing did your stacking become easier or just your lift leveled? Because ours is pretty much level, the only thing we need is stack speed.
@Subway Kid robot looks good! All you need is a little more driving practice now


Lift became more stable and reliable. We must’ve had uneven tension because when we added it, it sounded like the motors had a weight lifted off of their shoulders (probably because they did) and it just lifted better.


when you make states reveal but in reality its a video thats 2 months old and you have to post it because you dont know if your actual states robot will be ready for states :stuck_out_tongue:

btw we made it to worlds got eem


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