621 reveal

X-drive pushbot with high hanging.

8 motor drive high speed
4 motor lift high torque

Robot is fast and can score quickly under the fence. It can knock stars off the fence. Future plans will be to score stars and cubes over the fence without sacrificing the speed of the drive.

Can that lift knock stars off the fence? Can you reliably score cubes?

Right now, they can knock stars off the fence. They have plans to alter the arm so they can score stars from the ground over the fence and possibly cubes. Their primary strategy for game play is to quickly score under the fence. They can score up to 7 or 8 stars under the fence at a time. They can score cubes under, but not efficiently enough to spend time on it.


Love the lift. Are you guys planning on bringing this to the City of Indianapolis championship?

Thank you and yes.

They will have two of them. Both A and B are going with this design. They collaborated on it. There is an additional modification (minor) that will be revealed there. They are hoping for a 30+ score in driving skills which is not bad for a pushbot.

I am eager to see what Josiah come up with for autonomous and programming skills. He starts working on those this week. He wanted to wait until it was finished to make sure the design was stable and can consistently do what he has in mind.

Just wondering, how long does it take for you to get locked in and hang? We are having some issues with time as we don’t want to spend too much time hanging.

Good job for not giving up on that lift. Hopefully it never lets you down!

At first it was taking about 8-10 second from the time they hit the corner to the time the lift was complete. After some practice and a few minor modifications (no video yet) they can get it there in about 6 seconds from the time the robot gets to the corner. They are hoping for under 5. The actual lifting time was 3 seconds before putting a power expander on after running the robot on one battery for over 3 minutes. We have not timed it yet with the new setup with the power expander, but the robot moves faster and I am guessing it will lift faster. They may even add some stored energy to increase the speed, but probably not before this weekend.

Thank you. The kids worked hard on it. The have added to it. Now the arm is designed to quickly and easily knock stars off the fence without adversely affecting their hanging. They hope to hang in autonomous after scoring stars.

Nice, you guys have a very unique design. What is your max skills score? And what events are you planning on going to?

City of Indianapolis (this weekend)
Heritage (1/14)
Zionsville (1/21)
Park Tudor (2/4)

We are hosting a tournament 1/28. Our plan is to not be in the tournament but we may put one of the teams in if it makes the numbers come out more even.

We will not be able to do this at the city tournament this weekend because the robot just got completed and they have not practiced enough with the segments, but we should be able to get between 37 and 43 points in driving skills and in the mid to high 20s for programming skills. This weekend, we may not have a programming skills. Josiah will be concentrating on autonomous and mostly from the tile by the hanging pole.

This weekend, I would be happy with a 15-20 point driving skills run from both teams.

If they manage to make the modification they are working to make by Park tudor, the scores could be higher, but not by much. It will help more for the head to head matches but could help them get cubes off the field.

Here is the one battery version hanging high. It takes about 5 and a half seconds but they are working to make it faster.

Nice, we look forward to competing with you at heritage, and hopefully state, too