6210x Quad Core 1st Gen Robot Reveal

Here’s our first complete robot of this starstruck season. Even though we had to fix a few issues at the competition, we were still able experience some pretty great success with it. This robot is capable of scoring stars and cubes in the far zone (up to 1 cube or 3 stars) and high hanging in approximately 15 seconds (most of that time is spent lining the robot up). We had a fairly impressive 15 second autonomous routine that could score an average of 9 points and descore an average of 6 points (resulting in a 15 point net score). Unfortunately, some deployment issues caused this auton to only work about 30-40% of the time at our competition.

6 motor lift/dumper (approximately 4:1 ratio for torque)
4 motor x drive chassis (high torque)
2 lift/hang (high torque)

Nice! How did you get such a high ratio on your lift? We have an 8 motor dumper at 1:5 right now. Although, it can lift about 8 pounds. Do you think we could change it to a 1:3? We will soon have a transmission, making this a 12 motor dumper at times. Could this allow us to still hang, in your estimation?

I digress; amazing robot! Especially the extended intake.

Thank you :slight_smile: The extended intake was definitely one of the robot’s best features, although we really should have geared it more for torque to take full advantage of it.

If you have a bit of time before your next competition, try it out. Different arm lengths (distance from the axle to the load) and intake weights will affect the number of stars you can lift, so I can’t say anything for sure, but you might as well try it and find out. Same applies for hanging.

Will (probably) do. Thanks.

I would definitely try out a faster ratio on your lift, our dumper has 6 high speed motors with an external 1:7 ratio and with some rubber band assistance we are able to quickly lift up to 5 stars and dump

1115A cant wait to see you at KIDS INC

Unfortunately KIDS INC didn’t fit into our schedule this year, so we probably won’t see you guys until state.

Looking pretty good (even though I just saw this robot :P). Are you guys going to the competition on November 19th?

Nice autonomous btw. It worked really good for this early in the season :slight_smile:

Ya, we are planning on going to it. Hopefully we finish the rebuild in time.

REBUILD!?! Man, we need to be talking bout practice. Not the game (if anyone else has seen that). Looking forward to seeing you there :slight_smile:
Hopefully things work out better this time…

We plan to have a lot less moving parts this time, so hopefully that means less things that can go wrong. I’m looking forward to seeing you there as well.

Am I mistaken or is this the beginnings of a claw:

Yep, we are rebuilding for a claw instead of a scoop.