6210z Worlds Robot Reveal [Jigsaw Disruptor]

After many rigorous rebuilds, we are finally able to present our final robot: Jigsaw Disruptor. This robot has been a complete turn around from our previous robot that we brought to our State competition, where we placed 29th and were the second pick by the 3rd alliance. Due to our lack of success we rebuilt completely in order to create Jigsaw Disruptor: the robot that placed 11th at the US Nationals competition, was picked in the first round of alliance selection by the first seed, and will be competing at the Vex Worlds competition. I’ve been able to scrap together a Pre-Worlds teaser to get our new robot out there a little bit before our full robot reveal on Tuesday.

Also check out some of our matches from that competition here.
(I will attach the full robot reveal right below this post, along with all of the specs, by marking it as “answering my question”. Look for that green check mark in the coming days before worlds, as it will mark the release of our reveal :D)

I can’t wait!
Good luck at worlds. (But not too much :wink: )

cool stack capture

That is a unique intake.

It doesn’t look to be an intake, but rather a tool specifically for hoarding balls. The can grab a whole stack and bring it to their tile. They have a “traditional” rubber band intake on the other side.

That’s a neat mechanism. Out of curiosity, if you approach the stack from a different angle, will it still capture the stack? Or do you have to come exactly in the corner of the pyramid?

I’m not sure what the limitations of it are yet. We just built it yesterday so we are still in the process of testing it out.

That stack capture tool is probably the most awesome innovation I’ve seen this year! If you guys could get it to work at multiple angles, that would be incredible!!!

Here is our Worlds robot reveal video. Unfortunately I was unable to post the video on youtube since there were copyright issues with the song used in the video, so here it is on vimeo.

6 motor high speed x drive
3 motor linear puncher with 95% accuracy at 1 bps
2 motor two stage, 10" wide intake
1 motor stack capture device

We have 4 autonomous programs on our robot, all capable of hoarding 1 or 2 stacks into our loading zone.

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Does the X-drive have two motors in the front and four in the back or something like that?

ya, that’s the only way we could think to get 6 motors on an x drive besides doing some sort of asterisk drive, which would be much too complex for us.

Cool robot. I like the stack capture thing.

It is interesting to see how many teams started with a lot of metal at the beginning of the season and at the end robots have mostly empty space in their 18" ^ 3 volume and could score much much better.

Thanks for revealing multiple 6210z designs and good luck at Worlds!