621A - first robot reveal

I’m going to take apart this robot soon so I made a short memey video of it before I do.
Watch it here

Drive: 6 motor high speed
Lift: 2 motor turbo 1:7
cap flipper: 1 motor high torque 1:1
ball intake: 1 turbo motor 1:1
flywheel: 2 high speed 1:25

I’m taking this robot apart because of some obvious design flaws but any questions/comments on the design?

what would you say are some of the “obvious” design flaws that when other teams are building their robot should be aware of?

Basic question - you use 3 terms for motors- high speed … turbo and high torque . Are these based on external gears … or are you manipulating the motor to act accordingly ?

There are different internal gears for the motors. They are 100 rpm, 160 rpm, and 240 rpm. This is what he is referring to. With v5, the internal gearings are 100 rpm, 200 rpm, and 600 rpm. The 100 rpm and 200 rpm have retained the names torque and speed, but the 600 rpm was deemed too big of a jump to keep the name turbo. For this reason, the 600 rpm gearing for v5 motors will be called nitro.

My boi Joseph putting in the work. Rip robot.

One of them is spacing. I didn’t account for what space I would need properly and it led to not being able to optimize some things as much as they should be; such as the ball intake being terrible in almost every way. Everything on the robot worked but none of it was able to be tuned properly.

Is your claw able to pick up waffles on the parking platform without going over the 18in limit

Yes. Just barely but yes.

I’m sorry if I sound dumb, but what 18 in limit are we talking about in regards to picking up the caps from the platform. If you used a six bar, wouldn’t that just be a horizontal extension, and as long as you don’t exceed 36" it should be fine, right? I must be missing something

They are referring to the height limit.

Yeah @Carter is right. The lift had about 3" of height it could get before going out of the vertical 18" limit.

Spotting this I feel like this will be an area of concern when it come to reffing this year.

It did created a bit of inconsistency in reffing during singvex.
And I pity the referees as well. The match was pretty fast pace, it is not easy to “catch” robots lifting beyond 18”… especially if it is either just within 2 or 3 Sec… or if the robot was just marginally outside the zone. And it will be worse if the rules say something about whether is it match affecting or not.

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That’s another reason for the rebuild lol. I definitely don’t want any doubt to be there when it comes to whether I’m within the height limit or not because losing a match from a sketchy design doesn’t sound fun.

sounds like a good design choice. it still a really good robot for a first build.

Thanks :slight_smile: