#64 Rubber Bands

Does anyone have some good suggestions for rubberbands, like ones that aren’t from staples and last relatively long.

I would suggest these. Someone suggested them to me a while back, I tried them out, and so far have had no problems.
I do have to change them frequently though, after every 1-3 matches.

We get ours from Uline in bulk. Haven’t found any that last really long because we change after 2 matches.

I highly recommend Platinum Crepe bands. They come in both #32 and #64 in black only. They are super strong, and don’t stretch out too much. I never have to replace them during competitions, only the night before. If anything, they’re overkill.

This was where I got mine, but they’re sold out. There are other sellers though on amazon. Since they are hard to come by, I’ve heard that the Alliance rubber bands are good too.

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yup these are great

7701X and 7701T approved rubber bands

super strong, super durable, keeps elasticity extremely well, rarely have to swap them out

switched from alliance rubber bands and alliance sucks

alliance rubber bands lose elasticity so fast, break all the time, and when you stretch them out, you can feel them breaking.

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I’ll also vouch for those platinum crepe ones. I’ve gone entire events without replacing. They’re great.

They’re worth the price, super strong. I’m sure they are similar to the ones @cykaraptor suggested.

These were the only bands I could find that would go all the way across my roller intakes last year, regular bands would just snap.

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My organization uses Alliance Sterling #64, though if anyone is allergic to latex, the option Zeldaa linked is also very good.

It is worth noting, though, that Alliance Advantage rubber bands arent very good.

I would definitely stay away from alliance bands. We are stuck with them because of allergies on the team, but definitely try something else.

I have direct experience with all types of alliance and the platinum crepe bands.
Get the platinum crepe. They are leagues better and almost never break. Only reason I would not reccomend them is if s very precise amount of banding is needed or you want weak bands, ad they are nearly twice as strong as alliance.