6430 Post-State Reveal

Here is the robot we competed with at our state championship on Friday. We figured we would make one last video before we rebuild. Hope you all enjoy!

6430, Trinity Dragons Robotics

Very nice robot!

Any particular reason for your drive configuration.

Nice robot.

I noticed that 5 wide c channel under your lift. For every scene before 0:32, it’s down, seemingly not doing anything. But after that, it’s connected to your lift, sliding up and down the arm. What is it for? Rubber bands? What advantage do you gain from not having it?

The drive configuration is to keep the robot nimble. It’s a nice balance between speed and spinning.

The platform is lift assist, I can’t use it when I run skills if I want to hang. That’s why it’s down sometimes.

@scarr i too would like to know

It’s lift assist ^. It’s only necessary right now because the robot is wayyyyyyy too heavy and it needed all the assist I could give it. We don’t use it for skills though because it’s unable to hang.