67101C Tipping Point "Lobster Bot" Leaks


67101C has been busy since the game reveal and we are proud to share some leaks of our robot. This is our prototype “Lobster Bot”. It uses 1 motor to power the two 4 bars that lift the mobile goal off the ground. We are planning on adding some more mechanisms to the other side of the robot, but right now it is very front heavy and needs to be held down. The 4 bars have full 360 degree range of motion. Any comments and feedback are appreciated!


Very smart to have it go around the outside, I’d just note but from the video I think it doesn’t grip under the lip of the goal which is probably better and more stable and I suspect it’s probably how most teams will do it (and are doing it from what I’ve been able to see). Otherwise very cool.


We do have a couple standoffs wrapped in rubber bands that lift under the goals. They just aren’t very visible from the side.


Nice - but it does seem to push the expansion limit of 36" point to point when deployed.

Did you measure? the outer sides of both lift arms at start will be limited to 18" at start of competition.

[yes I do know it is a proof of concept - meant to ask those questions.]


Just did some measurements to confirm what I thought.

The starting size for the robot is 14in by 17.5in by not tall.

When fully extended, the arms add another 16 holes in length to the robot. This puts its length at 25.5 in. This puts our longest diagonal at just over 29 inches.


I am curious, what caused you to dub your robot a “lobster bot”? It doesn’t really scream lobster to me at the moment.


To be fair, snail bots didn’t look a ton like snails either (although I guess the comparison is better there)

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That’s a shrug bot (which doesn’t take up 20 characters).

The Change Up snailbot was an inspiration based on the Elevator and also Round-up snailbots.

And that previous 2 generations of snailbot really looked like snail.


It isn’t very obvious from the side, but looking at it from the top, it looked like a lobster too me.



And for anyone who does not know what those robots look like, here’s some videos:

Elevation (team 40B)


Round Up (Various Chinese Teams)




67101C has been busy since our last leak and we are proud to share another leak of our robot. It uses 1 motor to power the two 4 bars that lift the mobile goal off the ground, It uses 1 motor to power the chain ring lift. We are planning on adding some more mechanisms with our additional 2 motors. Any comments and feedback are appreciated!


great progress you’ve made!

I think robots like that, while simple, will be effective, especially early season.

If I can make some suggestions, I think the whole thing in general could use a bit more bracing. A beam going across the two sides of your goal lift for example, would go a long way in stabilizing it.

another suggestion would be to attempt to add another goal lift to the intake side of your robot. You could try something like what 1469a has, which is just a simple pivoting forklift, that, when pivoted, allows rings to pass under it and into their intake. Doubling your goal capacity would go a long way in terms of competitiveness.


Thank you!

Yah, we are going to add some more bracing when the bot is done.

We are planning on adding another lift to the front of the robot and eventually increasing our capacity to 3 goals. Still not sure what we are doing with the pneumatics.


You could try making the ring conveyer vertical to save space. It would take some modification, but is doable.

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The goal is at the back of the robot so it also helps move the rings back to the goal.

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Direction of the conveyor belt is a bit different to what’s been done so far. I’d be interested to see if this ends up pushing away ringles that aren’t perfectly aligned when one of the scoops comes down.


Hey, do you have any more photos of the bot when it only had one mechanism, like the one above? (Where you show a picture of why you think the bot looks like a lobster.) Could you also tell me(with pictures if you want) how you built this one mechanism?

Sorry for the late reply.

I don’t have any more top down views of the old robot.

The 360 degree 4 bar is pretty complicated to build. Basically, you build it like a normal 4 bar, but you make the arms short enough that they don’t hit each other when you spin the bar. Also, the 4 bar should be an add on to your robot, not a main mechanism.

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To add on to this, the bars should be spaced apart so that they have enough space to not hit each other throughout the path of motion. Here are some examples from previous robots:
Green Egg Robotics (Elevation)
TechnaPWN (Round Up)

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