67101C Winter Reveal

This is our 2nd robot for the 2020-2021 vex season of change up.
Specs: Intakes, 600 rpm 12 tooth
Bottom Front Roller: 500 rpm 30 tooth
Middle Front Roller: 600 rpm 18 tooth
Top Roller: 1800 rpm 30 tooth
Bottom Back Roller: 600 rpm 24 tooth
Middle Back Roller: 18 tooth 300 rpm
Drive: 200rpm 4in

Any feedback on the bot would be appreciated!


scores at a pretty decent speed, and I like the bar on the front there that seems to help line up with the goals.

I do notice that the robot seems to be pretty floppy though, and from what I can see, that can be attributed mostly to the excessive use of plates. plates are real bendy and floppy, and provide very little structural integrity. I don’t think plates should ever be used on important structural parts of the robot, c channels are far stronger, and in many cases are more compact and easier to mount. Also the large amount of cantilevered gears and sprockets looks a bit concerning, but if you did it right that shouldn’t be a problem. I have a few cantilevered gears and sprockets myself and they’re fine as long as their either on a screw joint or the axle has 2 support points on the other side of the metal.

so while your robot is already pretty fast, with some more robust building you could probably make it much more reliable and efficient.


Thanks for the reply. We will look into swapping out some of the plates. On the note of the gears and sprockets, they all have 2 points of contact against a bearing flat.

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Anyway, I definitely agree with @Xenon27 here.

I would suggest swapping out almost all of those plates, they heavily weaken the robot structurally in comparison to c-channel. Some of the plates look a little too big, and bits seem to not be being used; I would remove as much of excess material as possible to reduce weight.

The distance that the ball shoots is very good, you managed to get that compression tuned well and the rollers seem pretty good. The intakes are pretty good too :slight_smile:

GG nice bed

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Agreed. I saw one design (couldn’t find it again) that had a dr4b made out of plate. It was scarrible (scary and terrible). It flopped over at a qualifier and destroyed their alliance mates 12 stack

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Looks good aside from the plates. It might be a good idea to move your intake motors closer to your robot so your intakes bend less.

What do you mean by the intakes bending?

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there seems to be a bit of flex in the intakes causing them to warp inwards. While the weight of the motors might be amplifying it, a better solution would just be to brace them more securely.


We do want the intakes to bend inwards a bit as it helps pull the balls out of the goals.