6834z teaser

There are still a couple of modifications left and I need to change the lift arms, claw gearbox, and claw arms out…but I’m taking this one to Nationals.

Rip i thought i had finally gotten to a point to match your skill and then you rebuild!


That’s some intense stuff man. Did you guys make it to worlds?

Yes they did. Through skills.

Thats a crazy robot. Can’t wait to see you at worlds.

This robot isn’t match tested, and I haven’t seen your new robot, so who knows…

Thanks. I think we’re in the same division, theoretically speaking.

Yup. I will be running as A in Math. I can’t wait to compete in such a stacked division.

Even if the divisions change, you will be in the same division as another 8000 as we have a team in every division, so all of our teams would be excited to compete with you.

I went back to my basher…the drop center couldn’t hang. My sister team was beating me with my original robot design. It’s a relentless robot that never stalls and is a breeze to drive.

wait, u could hang with that many elastics?..

Hang, as in keep up. They were beating me with my original design.

Are y’all doing anything to deal with the weight issue? That way you can up the speed of the drive.

I had 6 turbo motors and 4" wheels on the drop center drive and the A bot was taking me to school. It’s not about just speed, it’s about control, and the weighting of our robot plays a huge role in how controllable it is.
I wanted to try out a few designs and I really thought that the drop center was going to be it, but the overall cycle time of my original is better. I’m glad I built it though, cause now I know exactly how to beat it.