6842Z PigPen Worlds Reveal (Middle School)

Here is our worlds reveal for starstruck:
link text
4 motor 7:1 lift
6 motor turbo drive
2 motor 5:1 claw

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Love your guys’ drive train. You might not have the fastest lift but your drive train sure makes up for it. I’ll be sure to come by your booth at worlds. See you guys there!

Awesome! We will be sure to look for you guys! Yeah, our lift isn’t the fastest of them all but it gets it done, especially with only 4 motors:) Best of luck at worlds!

Excellent robot. The only bottleneck I see is the slow lift, but other than that, great all around. How has the straight claw been working out for you?

Yeah, we considered going to speed motors with a 7:1, but we were worried about it not being able to hang with only 4 motors. We like the straight claw a lot. We have tried slanted claws in the past; however, we ran into problems with maneuverability on the field. We haven’t found much of a downside with a straight claw. Hope this helped:)

Is that electrical tape that you used to color your bot? Did they let you pass inspection at the US open? At our state, they said tape wasn’t a legal vex part and they wouldn’t let me use decorations of any kind other than some mesh I wrote on with a sharpie. I don’t see why they wouldn’t let you, it’s not structural, I’m just making sure. Thanks!

From an inspector’s point of view(at least in my opinion), tape in this case is only used for decoration. This falls under this inspection rule…

None of the teams in Panther Robotics have had an issue with tape used for decoration, however, each event and state/region is different. I inspected for a few different tournaments in Indiana and all of the inspectors there would allow it as long as it wasn’t structural. I hope they will feel the same way at Worlds :).