6916C Robot Reveal 2017

Team 6916C BVT VexVengers here from Massachusetts
Heres our reveal video

6 motor 1:5 Lift
2 motor 1:5 Claw
4 motor Hs Drive
Nothing Special

3 competitions this year finishing 34-5-0
Ranked 3 at SNE States
This is a full redesigned robot since then

Hope You enjoy
See You At Worlds!

P o s t y o u r c o d e

You got some really nice shots; I like the panning one especially.
Why do you have your field set up like that?

Our School also competes in SkillsUSA Mobile Robotics, which is basically Vex, but with a slightly different field set up.

Please Spare Me

It’s the stupid easy version of EDR

Looks great, let’s hope you do as well at worlds as you did regionals. Im surprised though with how you managed to get so much speed out of 4 HS motors, which are usually a bit slower for my bot, unless we get batteries that are like 8.8

“GG Connecticut”
Ouch I can feel the tension from here.
It’s all good CT we’ll get it next year. That’s the advantage to being a sophomore lol.

While The game is much easier, they limit you to 8 motors and very little metal, which actually does make it challenging.

Not really. You could make a good Starstruck bot with 8 motors. We literally just modified our comp bot to specifications and we can clear the whole field in autonomous

Currently Same, guess we’ll see you at nationals :slight_smile:

Same. I do feel obliged to warn you. We have an amazing driver and a beautiful coder. Good luck