6916C Robot Reveal

Not the best reveal but Hey, Why not?
Plus we feel our design is quite unique

1:1 Mecanum Wheels (4 motors)
5:1 Intake (1 motor)
Slip Gear Catapult with “Ghetto Transmission”
3 motors with 9 tooth Slip (3:5) Short Distance
4 motors with 15 tooth slip (3:5) Full Court

Looks great, you have potential to make the interval between shots way faster

Wow, it’s so accurate!
Can you define “Ghetto Transmission”?

Nice robot! I’ve never seen that type of design before. It looks like you have very high accuracy, what is it like in competition?
Question about the “Ghetto Transmission” : Is it 4 motors that you use in different ways to get different distances? Or is it 7 motors?
Also, what is the purpose of that coloured gear?

Looking forward to this weekend. We have just about the same specs with the same accuracy, but faster firing rate. However, you will have the advantage because you get to practice on a real field against other teams. Will be very interesting between us (no more lift, couldn’t get it done in time), 6916C, 6916D, 9421, 8900, and those Connecticut teams that have scored 300 points.

Here is a video of them from last competition: - YouTube They have about the same robot and same accuracy it seems like.

I think their "Ghetto Transmission is their 2 identical slip gear boxes with slip gears with different amount of teeth shaved off, which changes how far it gets pulled back.

Also see the 6916D reveal. The 6916C robot makes a special appearance and shows accuracy.

“Ghetto Transmission” is just what we call our catapult Gearing . On one side of the Arms Axle, 4 motors power a 15 tooth slip gear and the other side 3 motors power a 9 tooth slip gear. These pull down difference lengths allowing the Catapult to shoot different distances . This was designed so that both sides of gears would be “disconnected” until we fired up one side of motors.

We 3D printed and thought it looked cool, just non functional

6916D stole our robot in that video, that was not us shooting it, that’s not an accurate representation of our bot because they broke ours trying to use it…

This is really cool! Very unique, nice to see something fresh at this point in the season. The “transmission” is simple, yet very effective. No need for superfluous mechanisms. Even though the fire rate isn’t crazy fast, your accuracy more than makes up for it. Hope to see you guys at worlds!

Nice! Do you notice any variance in the shot accuracy with balls of varying weights? Or do they all fly the same regardless?

That motor at 0:54 looks pretty sketch…

Pretty good robot overall though. Will be interesting to see how it does.

Only on very rare cases will a light ball go over or a dense one shoot low. For this reason is why we designed a catapult.

Wow looks great! Can’t wait for the competition this weekend!

Not sure what you mean by that. I haven’t seen any Connecticut teams score over 150 I was in Connecticut twice this year and I’d be shocked if any Team from Connecticut scores 300 There are some good robots but the Teams from Massachusetts and 78 from Rhode Island are impressive but the majority of the best teams in the region in my opinion are from MA. I don’t think any of my teams will be making a reveal video until worlds if we qualify but I love looking at robots that have definitely improved and look very competitive good luck this weekend everyone from Southern New England.

@Kevin817 According to Vex DB, 8370C scored 303 points.

It is quarter final 1-1 of the Masuk CTEEA Vex Nothing But Net Qualifier.

why did that link not work.

The robot looks great! We’d love to go back to back with you guys!

Attached is a livestream of a CT tournament from two weeks ago, along with the finals match video and an event on VEX DB (there is a 270 match score around 4:58:00). Some of the teams look pretty good, but the level of competition is so much lower that it is hard to compare.


Good luck to everybody from New England this weekend!

To Confirm, as i have already been looking into these Connecticut teams, There has been Only one 303 point match in Connecticut consisting of 8370B and 195C
That 270 point match also Included 8370B, Green Machine, Who appears to be a very good Field robot. This is the only Connecticut Team that I have been following

As @Triple Threat stated, you can’t really compare Massachusetts scores to Connecticut scores because 8370B really hasn’t had anybody to contend with that will prevent them from scoring high. Obviously they are at least good and will be competitive, but that will be decided this weekend. Good Luck.

Love the song in the reveal ;D

Opps I thought It sounded familiar :stuck_out_tongue: