6916H Fall Reveal

Fall Reveal. Video within the next couple weeks.

is it really a reveal with out a video??

looks like a noice bot tho. Im interested in how you are controlling the four bar and the chain bar together but i guess ill HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE VIDEO HUH! PJSalt

Looks good. I am eager to see the video.


Never seen a reveal without a vid but…nice robot, looks really sturdy.

It’s not together…
Spoiler alert

In the picture, I didn’t have any cable management done, but the robot is done.

@6916H I meant that the 4 bar and the chain bar are separate and they probably have two different buttons. Cause we have practically the same design. Different claw though

Yup, 2 separate buttons lol.

Yeah that lift looks super heavy with all that 5x C-Channel

Ya. I think I have somewhere between 15-20 elastics per side.

What is your motor distribution @6916H ?
We used
4 for drive
2 for chain bar
1 for mogo
4 for four bar
1 for claw

4 drive
2 chainbar
2 four bar
2 mobile goal lift
1 claw

So when is this video reveal coming out? It looks like it’s a regionals caliber robot, so don’t be shy lol.

If it’s a regional caliber robot, they might tip in the semis :confused:

True true but that’s just a matter of how you want to qualify and if they feel like they want to add anti tip bars

@Brian_9605A At least we build and design our own bots :wink:


I believe the shots have been fired.
@6916H the question of your video reveal still remains.

There’s been a rebuild, now there’s programming problems. I’m bad at meeting deadlines