6bar Help

I’m building my 6 bar and for both of the sides of the lift, I can lift it up with my hand, but when I connect everything and a 6:1 gear ratio for the two V5 motors the lift barely goes up. Can anyone help?

What internal gears are you using? Have you added rubber bands? And can you take a picture of your gear ratio, you might accidentally have it on a speed ratio instead of a torque ratio.

Just make sure that your motor is turning the smaller gear, not the bigger one. Most likely you’ve switched around the gears.
EDIT: keep in mind that even if you can lift it up with your hand, the motor isn’t as strong as you are, and you (most likely) are also lifting it at a point which is easier to move. Try turning the actual gear itself.

the motor is turning a gear thats the same size as the gears on the c-channels that are turning, the internal gear ratio for the motor is 6:1, how would I do the rubber bands?

the problem is with the screws, how should I screw the c-channels together

Yeah, if you’re external gears are 1:1 and your internals are 600 rpm you’ve got a problem…switch your internals to 100 rpm and your external ratio so the driving gear is smaller than the driven gear. As for rubber bands, look at some forum threads in the past, that’ll help you get them on and optimized.

I think you are making this more complicated that it needs to be. In the V5 world, the internal gear packs are Red, Green and Blue. Red is 100 RPM (max), Green is 200, and Blue is 600.

Which color gear pack are you using?