6HS 1:5 Lift...Help

I just switched to a 6HS 7:1 (22.8Rpm) (43Nm) lift it picks up relly well, in a half second it can pick up and score a cube in far zone but in order to be even better I’m going to move to a 6HS 5:1 (32Rpm) lift with (31Nm) is there any suggestions to be able to hang with this and how to keep it going with no elastics all help is appreciated. Here is a video with this gear ratio but I can’t discover much from this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJKQKaWnA_Y
Look at how strong it is

Thank You

Why avoid elastics?

Because they won’t let you hang with this gear ratio

Hang backwards but continuing to lift up, that way elastics help you lift and hang

It is extremely hard to hang that way I have never seen this myself, but yes this would work but is a final option. Also, it needs to be viable because my driver can do 3+ stars or cubes every second. it would need to take 5 seconds in order to be viable. Also, my driven gear is driven by 2 driver gear one set of 2 and a single giving me a limited range.
this is a version behind my current robot

Torque and Speed motors are more or less the same it is .3 seconds difference (plus or minus .1). So it would be worth trying.

Torques are 1.67 foot pounds of torque, speeds are 1.04 foot pounds of torque. It is worth switching for more torque at more or less the same speed.

I need more speed and hs have 160 Rms and high torque have 100Rpm that is quite a lot different
My old lift 6 reg. 7:1 had 14.2 Rpms and 70Nm, my current set up is 6hs 7:1 22.8Rpms and 43Nn, I plan to go to 6 hs 5:1 has 32Rpm and 31N*m
so the speed is much different so it is not viable to go to high torque motors