7.2V (Robot) Batteries for Sale Individually

Vex Robotics is happy to announce that the 7.2V batteries that come as part of the Vex Robotics Power Pack, are now available for individual sale.


This should be useful for anyone who wants to have multiple robot batteries available, but doesn’t need extra chargers or transmitter batteries.


thats pretty cool, but John, will they be selling the robot batteries individually?


The 7.2V batteries are the ones that go on the robot - And they last forever (for me at least). I really hope that VexLabs starts selling the 9.6V Batteries individually soon. They always die many times over before I have to recharge the 7.2 on my robots.

I haven’t looked yet, but I also hope that the battery straps for the 7.2V batteries are now available separately from the Power Kit.


ooh i definatly want to buy one of them.