7121F End Season Reveal

What’s up, everyone! Here’s a reveal I put together to end the Tower Takeover season. This is our Mk VI traybot with an effective cube lock. Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:


  • 4 motor 3:5 200 rpm 3.25" drivetrain
  • 1 motor 5:1 100 rpm four bar arm
  • 2 motor 200 rpm intake (with alternating treads)
  • 1 motor 15:1 200 rpm tray
  • Side-flip anti-tips (deploy using ground friction coupled with the robot’s acceleration)
  • 10 cube tray capacity (with halfcut slide)
  • inertial sensor (used legacy gyro up until IMU was supported by pros)
  • Tracking wheel (for linear distance only)
  • Four bar cube lock with rubber band
  • Custom odometry program for auton

Wow the cube lock is cool! The intakes are fast and pick up the cubes really well! Great job and awesome robot!

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