7157X Tipping Point Reveal

Hey its Micah from 7157X and here is my teams robot reveal!


For our drivebase we decided to go with a 6m 6-wheel drivebase with traction wheels in the center for extra grip. We geared down from 600rpm to 360rpm ( 3 : 5 ).


Standard 4-bar lift using a red motor catridge and geared 1:7 ( 14 rpm ).


Blue motor cartridge ( 600 rpm ) direct. We cut custom polycarbonate with a laser cutter so the backboard to super close to the ground but still not touching, this allowed us to pick up rings easily regardless of orientation.

3 Cylinder Mogo Mech

A little walkthrough can be found here. 2 cylinders ( double acting ) for tilting and 1 single acting for clamping. We have a 1/2" space wrapped in a omni roller to provide extra stability and grip strength while holding the mogo, this means while were driving around it stays stationary.


Just a double acting cylinder ya nothing really fancy, as I mentioned in the pervious drop down we covered a 1/2" space in an rubber omni roller which gives us much more grip strength…

Feel free to ask any questions, I can be found on discord at Rapid#2077 or comment on youtube I will do my best to answer you ASAP.

I look forward to seeing you guys in dallas!