722 "Vexagon"

722 “Vexagon” Vancouver BC Canada
Autoloader: Unloads in 5 seconds
Bonus Cube: Yes
Scores in every goal
Speed: 2.14 for Speed
Ramp: Nope
Autonomous: Scores in 2 goals
Uses 10 motors

Break down of motors:
2 for intaking of upper tread
2 for intaking for lower tread
2 for our winche pulley system which lifts the dual treads.

Front Angled View:
Side View:
Max Capacity View:
Back view:

What’s the lift speed from ground to 21"?

We haven’t calculated the exact speed but it takes approximately 3 seconds to lift from the ground to 21".

One thing you can’t see in the pictures for Vexagon and TBA (721) is how experienced their drivers are. We’ve competed with these teams (and the other two or three hundred Gladstone teams) for two years now. Never underestimate their ability to get the most out of their robots. They’re good.

Yes, but that is where the tempertures are sub-freezing and you have to fight off polar bears at the same time. What can they do in the tropics? temps in the 90’s, 100% humidity, and J.R. Ewing is chasing you with a gun…

We’ll leave our parkas at home and bring over the zamboni… that should get us more used to the climate.:smiley:

I like the expanding magazine - Well done!