742A x VTOC Ri3D

VTOC (VEX Teams Of California - discord server & alliance) partnered with Aaron, from team 742A, in working on an early Change-Up season Ri3D.

The CAD in the teaser is the first iteration, done in the first 2 hours after the game reveal.

Stay tuned for the full Ri3D reveal soon.

If you are from California and would like to apply for VTOC Alliance or join the server, please contact me.


Nice reveal, but I don’t understand why the intake omnis at 0:27 r slanted up like that. Wouldn’t it make more sense to slant it the other way?

I think we’ll see when the full reveal comes out.

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You’re damn right you will :stuck_out_tongue:


Personal theory. So even when they are pulling out from a scoring zone and the next ball falls on the intake it pulls it in easier.


clever. and the fact that they’re omnis presents no issues when intaking.




I wonder what the optimal angle is

My first guess would have to be 30 degrees. Angled just enough to pull down, but still be able to grab the back easily. You’ll probably have to run a few tests to figure it out, tune it out.

@Helix could i join the discord server? I part of team 20 and we are out of Reseda, California