745v Early Season

Just our robot right now. Its a hybrid.
4 motor lift 1:7
6 motor drive 2:1
2 motor flipper thing 1:1

Feel free to ask questions

I like this, have you tried to make the tray a slip gear instead to give the stars a little more umf

we tried and it was really heavy. The direct drive is able to get the stars into the far zone well.

Great design, especially your flipper thing. Have you tried pneumatic pistons instead of the 2 1:1 motors? That way it also gives a bit more force and grip strength on the cube.

Hey, I like your robot. Simple but effective. You seem to be swerving and overcompensating while driving, though. I presume that is for a lack of practice. Be sure to practice driving and remember that you don’t have to push the joysticks all the way all the time. Small adjustments are your friend.

This isn’t major criticism of course, it’s too early to have much practice and if you’ve never driven a robot before it’s hard. Your bot should do pretty well if you work on your driving a little bit. :slight_smile:

Yeah, we need practice. I think I am going to switch the controlls to split arcade because that is what I am used to. The reason we do not use pnuematics is a lack of funds. We talked about how great it would be if we had them. At for grabbing the cubes, we only found out our robot could do that 5 minutes before we filmed by a complete accident. See you at ACP @Aponthis .

I wouldn’t use pneumatics. You don’t get to fire the pistons that frequently.

Looks like a great robot. Looking forward to seeing it at ACP!

@Aponthis This is not true at all. We use pneumatics and we get 40 shots from 100 psi. It is more than enough for a match.

40 shots / (2 pistons/claw * 2 shots/openCloseMotion) = you get to use the claw 10 times.

I don’t have a claw, and haven’t practiced with one, but that doesn’t seem like enough.

The stroke amount actually is 45 strokes from 100 to 25 psi found here so if he’s using 2 tanks and 2 pistons(one for each claw arm) that’s 1 tank per piston. Granted some extra air is expelled every time you fire the piston but with that configuration he should be able get around 40 shots and just start to weaken somewhere around 30 - 35… Or am I missing something???

We just built our motorized one, so I haven’t gotten much practice with it.
I only need the ten opens and closes to get everything over is a skills run, but I Imagine that won’t be anywhere near enough for a really back and forth match. Even if @eagles1961hotb is taking into account both Pistons Shan he says 40 shots, I would be nervous to go into a high speed match with a claw that only works 20 times.

Edit: I hadn’t seen @Joseph W(182 C)'s post when I made this one.

@cameronb745 , Cool Robot!
I would recommend, however, that you fortify some of your bars. Looks like the two bars that extend from the gears to the actual forklift-style intake are really thin, and taking a lot of weight. As you drive around, these two bars seem to occasionally swing around due to a lack of fortification and the weight that they’re forced to carry.

In addition, there seems to be only one small bar (I cant tell if it’s a series of standoffs, an axle, or just a link of metal) connecting the two main bars to each other. This causes them to swing up and down at different levels as you lift the game pieces.

Try changing the two bars that extend from the gears to the forklift into C-channels. Then, instead of that one thin bar connecting them, connect them together with two C-channels.

It should look something like this:

We don’t have a claw either we have a 2 piston dumper. Works really well and lasts for 1-2 matches before we have to pump. We also have a silicon seal which stops air from escaping.