7480B | Blue Bandits

Hey, VEX Forums. We’re the middle school team 7480B Blue Bandits! If you haven’t noticed, we’re the cousin team of 7480N Nuclear Bombs, who have already gotten themselves out there. And although our robot isn’t the greatest, we’ll still try our hardest to get into State and beyond. Our website can be found right here, and our Twitter feed is @BlueBandits7480.

Good luck to all the other teams out there!
~Luminescent of the Blue Bandits

Hello and good luck to you in all your future competitions.

Godspeed Blue Bandits.

Welcome! :smiley:

Best of luck to your team this year!

so I went to your website, and was looking over your code, you have a task that’s aptly called, “this is glitch” , as you say it does not work ,the task is supposed to be for driver control
in this task you say this

while (abs(vexRT[Ch1]) > 30) { //If the left joystick is extended forward OR backward past a certain deadzone, transmit its value to the left motors.
motor[drive1] = vexRT[Ch3];
motor[drive3] = vexRT[Ch3];

however your code will not do what the comment describes. what this code does is, if the right joystick is moved to the left or right past a certain dead zone, it will send the value of the left joysticks up and down axis to the motors, this is because in you IF statement, you use vexRT[Ch1] and in your motor power declerations you use vexRT[Ch3] these should probably be the same channel number.

also in your codes comment you mention using a gyro, I think this is a great Idea, using a gyro can insure that your robot drives straight or keeps you pointing in one direction, while this code is bit advanced, it is very usefull, if you want, I would be more than willing to help with it

also you have this line in your code

motor[flywheel] = 0; //And disengage the flywheel.

does disengage the flywheel mean you are using a ratchet of some sort on your robot?

Thank you for the reply! Yes, we are aware of this code error and have since fixed it (at our meet yesterday), but thank you for spotting it anyway. We do need to upload the latest version of the code sometime. We also do already know the code for the gyroscope, though we’re not too good at using it, so if we decide to transfer it, help would be appreciated. And no, we’re not using a ratchet, the code was just phrased weirdly for whatever reason.

awesome, seems you guys are making great progress for so short a time, keep up the fast pace