75 MHz Signal Splitters needed

Looking to buy 75 MHz Signal Splitters (maybe 10 of them). I’ll also buy 75 MHz Transmitter & Receiver if you want to sell them as a set.

Can you find them on Amazon or something? It’s probably a much better way to shop than here.

Everyone is out. No amazon, no ebay, none left at therobotshop. If you don’t already own one, you might not be able to buy from a store.

To clarify (for others… I don’t have any), are you looking for the product listed here?

Yes. I’ve managed to put 4 modified vex robotics rovers online (2 vexplorers and 2 battle bots). I can put more battle pairs online with this 75MHz signal splitter. I’ll give 10 free battles and $20 per splitter at centauri-odyssey.com if someone can sell me theirs please.

@Centauri-Odyssey I am 99% sure I have the tx/rx pair. Out of town, but if you PM me I will check when I am back next week.

For sure and thank you.
9 More to go :slight_smile: