7517J Post_State --REVEAL--


Hello! So past Saturday was the Eastern PA State Championships, and we did wayyyyyy better than expected. We were aiming for elims, but ended up getting tournament finalists! Sadly, for middle school division, only excellence and tournament champs qualify, so we didn’t qualify for worlds. So to end the season, we decided to put together an end of season reveal, before our final disassembly. Questions and Comments welcome, and please do not hesitate to critic us on what we did wrong, or stuff to do better, as this will just help the community as a whole. Enjoy!


Also this was filmed in an hour :slight_smile:


Nice job!


Thanks! I know it isn’t anything too special, but I just wanted something to remember my bot.

it’s gone now :frowning:


I like the 1x stick man, did he have a name?


Yep, his name is Mr.Y-Fi :slight_smile:


@7517j, the little Mr.Y-Fi figure might be what grabs attention, but it is really your solid on the field performance from a young MS team that deserves the praise.


Thanks @technik3k :slight_smile: