7536B in the news

My 7536B team got in the news today.
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See you at nationals and world’s.
Coach 7536 Family

Nice! I do have to ask, how did a student get mentor of the year?

The last time I got in the news(paper) for robotics, it was for an article slamming my school for supposed racism/discrimination.

Good job, though, and congratulations on your Worlds spot!

Wait until they do an article on you. You will never believe a news story again.

That is so true. Articles like that are usually full of cringy moments when you realize exactly what you said to make them think x or think y.

The robot can pick up items and put them down

Yeah that is the worst news description of a robot I heard.

There is truth to that I found that out after how they explained the event when we made it to state. They heavily implied that there was only one a red color team and that you placed the cones in the corner

I bet students that don’t even do vex can understand the game better than seasoned reporters lol

You misunderstand, the job of mainstream seasoned reporters is to completely mess up anything related to anything in the 21st century.


He mentored 5 teams in the last year. One was out of state and the others were local and his competition as well.

Been there done that! Know what you mean!

Yeah the student in the video that got state mentor of the year mentored 5 other teams from around the area and one of them was out of state. He helps the middle school teams, a few VEX IQ from time to time, and his competition in the area. We just firmly believe in order for us to get better as an organization, we must mentor even if it is our competition in order to build our program. I was proud of him for sure. I know it seems odd that an adult did not get it, but he beat out the others so… We are proud of him though.


Well said