7581H Robot: A.F.J.1

This is our completely awesome robot! It’s name is A.F.J.1!

It can score 3 objects at a time in any goal!*
It is prone to tipping.

Happy april fools

Thank you!:slight_smile:
Actually it can score 3… in the corner goal.

At least yours can turn!:smiley:

Haha yes, that’s another amazing feature that helped us win a tournament and qualify for Worlds! But then yours has a lift! Ours just uses The Force to score in high goals.

1200M had a similar design… :stuck_out_tongue:

1200M also had a half-built gearbox :wink:

I also had a strafing wheel and a claw. I could score in all the goals too so it was not just a chassis.