7671C Turning Point Worlds Reveal(Special thanks to Purdue University's robotics team)


We were lucky to win the world championship of the middle school group in 2019.
Thank you very much for the help of Purdue University Robot Team to our team.
My English is poor. The students are good at English, but they focus on the competition. So I didn’t say hello to you.
I’m sorry that you didn’t win the world championship in the University group, but in my eyes you are the real king.
@ jbayless
@ edjubuh
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IMG_20190503_083811 IMG_20190503_083820 IMG_20190503_083826 IMG_20190503_083835 IMG_20190503_083844 IMG_20190503_083849 IMG_20190503_083859 IMG_20190503_083904 IMG_20190503_083912 IMG_20190503_083919



cool! what are all those yellow things everywhere?



work axis.it can be help us to assembly.like imate.

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Congratulations on your win in the middle school division. We’re happy that Purdue was able to help you out ! Good luck in Tower Takeover

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Would you be willing to show everyone your code? Those are some super interesting displays your have made.

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Some of the code is here.

New Century Robot Society VEX-EDR V5 Graphic Framework

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