7682 7682E Wingus & Dingus NBN Worlds Reveal

I like the wide flywheel.
Does it have a two stage intake to allow it to intake without firing?

Nice robots, that is an amazing fire rate on the catapult, and the giant flywheel is unique!

That’s awesome! What kind of wheels do you have on the flywheel and what does the speaker do?


I always brushed off the idea of a wide flywheel due to variances in the shot position. How did you guys get around that? Do you have to be aligned precisely to avoid variances from affecting your shots? Also for the programming skills, did you guys just practice how to feed in the ball to avoid shooting too far left or right?

Were you able to get the mega flywheel to be more accurate since NZ Nationals?

I really want the unique 7682 and 8059A mega launchers to do well.

Also, I just want to say thanks for making a reveal with actual substance and without unnecessary flare, unlike many that we have been seeing . . .

It came down to build precision, and the net has a wide enough aperture for 3 balls wide in a range of positions. As a side note, we too thought this wouldn’t work to begin with, but we’ve managed to pull it off.

The robot has been through a complete rebuild since then and it’s great now.

You’re welcome.


4" wheels without tread, and the speaker provides feedback/prompts during programming skills.

Man that wide flywheel is by far one of the coolest looking robots this season. Great job!

provides music, prompts?