7682 Sack Attack Robot Reveal

After a fun time at the 2012 asia pacific championship today, which was our first serious vex event, we thought it might be a good idea to post our robot reveal since so many asian teams were taking way too many photos of it!
We’re a rookie middle school vex team and manged to win the Innovate Award and Design Award with this robot plus achieved 120 in programming skills.
More pictures below.









Your programming skills run was AMAZING. I can’t believe that this is your first season in vex and yet you have the most reliable, well built and programmed robot that i have ever seen.Just amazing. Totally deserving of every single one of those awards :slight_smile:

Congratulations boys, it was incredible to see you come so far in the past ~2 months and I can’t wait to see you compete at Nationals (and Worlds!). I loved chatting with you guys throughout the competition and seeing all your robot and programming work. Those awards were truly deserved.
Speaking on behalf of my mentorred teams, is there any chance of a photo from underneath your robot, or is there a secret down there you’re hiding? :slight_smile:

If you think that the cover is for hiding things, you/GCEC are mistaken. The cover is to make sure sacks don’t fall into the robot. Underneath is just an X-drive. The secret things will come later :wink:

Haha, we didn’t think you would be, we’re kinda curious how you got your drive so neat and reliable and didn’t get stuck driving into sacks though :stuck_out_tongue:

Am I the only one who thought the blue stuff wasn’t grippy material?

The blue stuff is non-slip pad. We used it to make sure we didn’t break any sacks (metal underneath)

I realize this, but at first I thought it was a pool noodle.

Same :stuck_out_tongue: Hahaha

congratulations! can’t wait to see you in later competitions! you did so well at apac!!! congrats!

This is similar to our concept, except ours dumps over the front and is MUCH larger. About how many sacks can your hopper hold?

Our hopper can hold and dump 23+ sacks for a single dump around the end of the match (hoarder type bot). Although it only does a single dump, it can get a fair amount of points and has only ever been descored by a clawbot (bucket protects sacks).

That’s a lot of sacks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Be prepared for us in Feb :wink:

Is that a threat? :stuck_out_tongue: Did you start redesigning or not?

No, there is no threat. Just letting you know that we are in the process of re-designing and should be able to hold a lot more than we can right now :stuck_out_tongue: FYI for future IN competitions :wink:

We’ll be ready! :smiley:

You guys did great especially for a middle school team. I’ve seen teams at high school tournaments with designs not as good.

A great and Robust robot