7682 Wingus & Dingus Skyrise programming skills

Not that we managed to do this at Worlds, but here’s our 48pt programming skills run. It was almost 52 points, but it missed collecting one cube.
No repositioning required, just like we did last season.

That’s impressive. I feel like programming skills winners don’t get enough credit for what they achieve. The top scoring runs are always some of my favorite videos to watch.

Does anyone else feel like they should livestream the skills fields?


I really want to be able to watch the top programming and robot skills runs.


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Yes, or at least record and make available the top three runs.

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I was a bystander when they did their 40 point run at worlds. It was mighty impressive.

They just missed placing two cubes on the skyrise stack in that run.

Yes live stream it. Programming skills seams to be an after thought for most of the competitions we’ve attended. Likely secondary to concentrating on the matches and trouble shooting the bot constantly.
I wish Autonomous was 1/2 of what the college level VEX U got or at least 20 seconds. The U gets 45 sec. That’s a huge jump.
Would get more students into programming.