7682 Worlds Reveal (NZ)

It’s a few hours before we leave, and the robot is actually ready(ish).



4x 393HS X-drive on 2.75" wheels
Spatula capacity 12 sacks
Hoarding bucket capacity 30+ sacks
High goal scoring & descoring
Trough scoring & descoring
Instant dump 30+ sacks
10 autonomous modes
Programming skills score… TBA, still writing it!

Looking forward to our first world championship. See you there!


Glad to see a Hoarder in the Spirit Division:D

How exactly does this work? Is it a spatula bot, hoarder bot, or both?

It looks like both. Nice bot too.

Is the 30 sack a one time rubber band lift.

One time in that they dump all the sacks at one time then fill it up and do it again and again!
These guys are awesome and won the Middle School Excellence Award at the New Zealand Nationals.
Their robot is a wonder to watch!

Nice robot! It looks very cleanly built and should be effective at Worlds. Good luck!