7686B Mall of America Reveal!

Watch our team’s mall of america reveal!


Epic Reveal :fire::fire: Ian OP :heart_eyes:


I have a few questions.
Have you tried to shoot 3 disks at a time?
How consist is your 1 motor flywheel?
How many shots do you get out of your pneumatic indexer?
How well do the disk covers work?

Also great reval and sick robot

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Our indexer is ratcheted to our intake, so infinite. Our flywheel lasts for usually 4:30 and pulls 2 or so watts when spun up. We tried to shoot three at a time but wanted to keep it simple for the first tournament. The covers on our flywheel make it speed up faster, and we have 24 tooth gears on the inside for more weight without it being out of balance.


Dang that’s impressive, also what rpm is your flywheel geared for and have you experienced any significant wobble or problems with expansion with the flex wheels?


We use 45a flex wheels so no problems with the flexwheels expanding. We run our 3000 rpm shooter at 66% power most of the time, so after moa we might gear it slower.