7686B Our Highest Scoring Match


6 motor 480 rpm 2.75 inch drive, drop center middle
2 motor 600 rpm dual hinged intake
2 motor 90 rpm roller, 3.25 tractions
2 motor 30 rpm catapult, metal slip gears, perfect grouping, almost no spin in match shots
2 piston assist/desist system for 3 shot powers
2 piston expansion, 4 strings total, ~20 tiles
2 piston wall, 5 square foot area
1 piston wall locker
8 disk win point auton
Match loads on back side


That’s awesome! Just curious, but isn’t there an 8 motor limit? I understand that the intake and roller most likely share motors, but how does the catapult get powered?

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When the intake spins forwards, the ratchets disengage the catapult system, and a keeping ratchet holds the arm down. When the intake spins in reverse, it engages the two ratchets to fire the catapult and pull it down in less than two seconds.


what is the wall locker?

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Keeps the back section of our wall down because our wall folds in two places to be vertical when it’s down and when it’s up.