768A first design

Any suggestion for how to improve it would be greatly appreciated.
2motor drive 320 rpm
1motor indexer
1motor “flywheel”
i only have 6motors available.
image image

  1. The drive seems a bit fast… maybe gear it down it bit, 320 RPM is very fast for a base; a bit too fast for a 2 motor base
  2. image
    you should add collars and spacers here.

Are those front intakes flip downs?



Be mindful of the build quality… the chain is not straight… meaning the sprockets are not aligned.


Is it just me, or do they look above the size limit?

With the bot’s height? Yeah.

If you have 6 motors, why only use four?


8 motors(20 characters)

Also I think the other motors are on the intakes.

well you should probably get 2 more motors first off, if you’re not using all 8 you’re doing something wrong. Also a 2 motors will not be able to handle a geared up drive, use direct drive 200 rpm just to keep things simple. I would also switch out any angles you’re using for structural support with c channels, and box bolt everything you can. I also recommend another cross brace on your chassis going across the middle, looks to me like you only have 2 braces on the back of your chassis, which will lead to problems.

It’s a good start though, the intakes look alright and the indexer/flywheel does too.


What if i run 240rpm by lowering the speed of the motor from 200 to150.

you should never lower your motor speeds, especially on an intake. It doesn’t give you any more torque, only less speed, so it’s not a good idea. just run the intake motors at their max speed always.


I meant the drive train

@Xenon27’s answer still goes, it won’t increase your torque.

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They make 100, 200, and 600rpm motor cartridges. Therefore dropping to 150 isn’t quite plausible.


That’s actually a cool design eith the hood and whatnot. The intakes seem to be really efficient, picking up balls with no difficulty or slippage.
My only concern is that the indexer that takes balls to the top is a bit slow. If you made it faster then that would probably fix all your issues.
Great early season bot btw

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The bot has a 5ball capacity.

looking good, but you probably won’t be able to actively descore from the center goal. also your indexer is too slow, try gearing it up, or using 600 rpm cartridges.

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The flywheel motor is direct 200 rpm but the hood launches the ball. the hood is on a rubber band to keep compression on the ball at all times

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