768A second design

This robot is my second bot for this season it looks similar to my first bot ,but I rebuild it from scratch to improve its short comings
Chassi 20x25 holes
2motor 200 direct drive
2motor 400rpm intake
1motor 450rpm indexer
1 motor 600rpm flywheel

Good work, do you want a tip/idea??

2000000000000 carecters

Ok, this may be irrelevant because your intakes might already be able to do this, but if you can’t descore the center goal, I would switch to intakes like these. I don’t know how you could even improve these intakes really:


Basically as far as I can tell the general theory of that design is perfect for all goals, you could just make some tweaks for efficiency.

What if i use 45gussets on my intake for the mid tower

I’m not sure exactly what you mean (where you would put them, what their purpose would be), but if you are referring to using them to shift the intakes to one side so you can flip out like 210Y, then yes that should work.

looks pretty good. Intakes look a bit flimsy, may want to reinforce the joint between them and the base, but overall not bad. glad to see that a hinged hood like that has enough integrity to work.


What do you mean by intake looks flimsy
I am not trying to argue but my intakes are on screw jointsimage

a screw joint is only good if done properly. your screw joint technically is done right, but I’d recommend you support that joint a little more, you could use c channel couplers to reinforce the c channels around the joints, or you could support that screw on both sides of the intake.


Or you could add some contact bearings

This is my first year in vex
What are contact bearings?

Here is a good example of contact bearings, also some of the best building I have ever seen. If it’s your first year this video can offer a lot of help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp-0t6fN26Y


Contact bearings are bearing flats right?

No, contact bearing are rigid support structures people use to prevent a moving piece from bending, flexing or swaying. They are seen this season as people used them to prevent 2 bars from bending out, and also as a way to maintain compression.


Like what I was saying about 2114x’s explanation video, where they used a contact bearing because their two bar broke and lost compression.

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cool robot

keep designing!


I know its late and i should’ve posted this with the video
image image image image image image
I would really like to know what you guys thing about the robot and most importantly the build quality.
I know i should use battery clips for my battery.

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You might want your rollers to have the ability to move laterally, it would help with describing in the center tower.

Why do you need anti tips on the front of your robot? If you move your battery lower it may help.