77 Robot Skills Scores?

Hi, just wondering about this after seeing some impressive skills scores on VEX via. I noticed that there were two scores of 77 under a Chinese and Hawaiian tournament.

I was wondering if anyone knew if these were combined scores or just normal robot skills scores, since as far as I know, the maximum score is 76 points (24 stars + 4 cubes + hang) – please correct me if I’m wrong.

I had originally assumed that they were combined scores, but some of them looked a bit low to be combined ones, and the China competition also has programming skills runs listed.

Regardless, it’s really impressive how teams are already getting so close to/maxing out skills scores so early in the season. Worlds will be interesting :slight_smile:


According to Appendix B of the manual, robot skills is the combined score of Driver Skills and Programming skills . So I would assume the score shown under robot skills, shows the combined score and number of attempts of programming and driver skills.

Does anyone know where to access the list of skills score? Seems that the robot events page is still down

Have all the mobile apps be updated since the combine driver and programming skills came out?

I’m not sure, but presumably the event would only enter in the combined score under robot skills.

No, I believe that is not the case. I am pretty sure, Events enter driver and program skills separately in Tournament Manager. The August update then combines the two for rankings at the Event. I have not run the August update to see what gets uploaded to the new RobotEvents.

The Hawaii scores are the combined scores. It appears that the TRIES might be the programming scores as each team only had a maximum of 3 tries for each skill event. Don’t know why it is appearing like that but there were problems at the tournament displaying the Programming Skills scores in the ranking.

This is the actual screen from Tournament Manager for the East Oahu VEX Tournament. Hope it clears things up. :slight_smile:

Yes it does! (at least for me) thanks for the screen shot!

We have notified our regional to have the glitch in Robotevents ability to display score fixed by their tech support.

Do you know of any skills run videos that have been uploaded to the internet?

There is a match from the Asia Pacific:

and China Open:

I’ve seen those.
Sorry, I meant high skills runs.

These are just the qualifiers for APAC (and not APAC).

APAC will be around end-Nov/early Dec.

Sorry not aware of any unless the respective teams took their own.

Can I know where did you get this info?


Please read the thread thoroughly, most information can be found in previous posts.