77788Y Early Season Reveal

Introducing our (now retired) early season bot! Feel free to ask me any questions, but I don’t go on the forum often so if you can find me somewhere else that would probably work better (I’m @ZachDaChampion#3147 on Discord).

I know our capacity was on the low side, but I think we made it work.


Looks great. Why’d you go with the small traction wheel for the lower part of your intake? I found that interesting.


They’re actually 18t sprockets with traction wheel tires around them. They’re for descoring towers, especially when the cubes are fully nested. We originally had sprockets with flaps, but they had to be cut so much to accommodate the tray that they ended up being mostly useless. We tried wrapping it with foam and a few other things, but the traction wheel tire ended up working the best. Unfortunately they lost traction over time, so we had to wrap them in rubber bands which didn’t work quite as well as fresh tires, but it worked well enough.


The intake was a lot better at gripping the cubes and picking them up off the ground than most traybots that I’ve seen, good job.


One of my teams used traction tires for a flywheel last year. They found running the wheel while pressing a damp scrubbing sponge to it kept it fresh, traction-wise.

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Is this the same robot that got a 136 combined skills score?

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Yes, yes it is. Thank you 777777777777777777788Y


Yeah, the vids are on our channel. Technically auton could’ve been 30 instead of 24, but I rewrote the entire second half to get that the night before on a field that wasn’t the right size, so the fact that it even got the 24 is surprising tbh. You can hear me say “honestly I’ll take 18” in the video lol

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Are you using Zipties for the tray? If so, how are you attaching them?

@33011XAmb correct me if I am wrong, but I think they are rubber bands

Yeah, they’re rubber bands. They don’t help anything but they look nice, too much silver up there without them

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